Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mexican food Night!

one of my favorite types of food is mexican food. A lot of its vegetarian friendly and the spices make everything tasty! Tuesday my lovely boy usually makes his way over to my home and we cook together. I've had my mind on mexican food the last couple of days so that was the choice! This is what we made 

First I made some tasty black bean salsa, this recipe is super super easy

first you'll need a can of rotel 

Drain and add to a medium bowl

Second one can of black beans drained and added to your bowl

One cup of corn

and onions if you like them, it makes a great tasting salsa 

We also grilled up some veggies. Red and Green bell peppers and Onions 

And cooked rice and beans!

We had quite a table full of goodies for just the two of us so I have lots of leftovers which I made freezer burritos with.. yummmmm

Hope the rest of your weeks go well and I can wait for the weekend!


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