Friday, January 7, 2011

I've got a Crush Friday

I've got a Crush Fridays will be a day of what I have been gushing over that week. Weather it be a photographer, a season, a musician, clothes, and number of other things. This is my first I've got a Crush Friday! So here we go.

My first crush is on these lovely lovely photos, by this lovely photographer. Recently I came across a photographer by the name of Kyle Hale, and boy does he take beautiful photos. Here are some of my favorites

If I could I would put ever picture of his up but these are a few of my favorite. I highly recommend going to his website and blog and just looking through his photos. You will not be disappointed and how great he is at capturing the moment and emotion in his events. I wasn't even there and I can feel the love!
Happy Friday you all. Enjoy the weekend and keep coming back from I've got a crush fridays.

Love you all,

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