Friday, January 28, 2011

I've got a Crush Friday

Yes it's that time again. TGIF thats for sure. Today is a relaxing day, probably take a stab at cooking up some stuff bell peppers and rent a couple of movies. The weeks are busy, the weekends are busy so I'm ready just to put my pj's on by five and sit around the house. Today I've got a crush on some lovely topshop clothes! If I hit my weight goal by june I will be splurging on some of the adorable clothes. I've lost 15 pounds this month, it's craziness. And the awesome, awesome thing about topshop is that they have a tall section! A girl being 6 feet tall getting things to be long enough is a challenge.

I love, love, love all these adorable clothes and so many more! Hope everyone has a good weekend and love you all!


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