Monday, November 7, 2011


Yes, I got a new tattoo, I think it is my favorite. We had a friend who knew some missionary's from costa coming into town and they were doing tattoo's to help raise money for back there. I couldn't pass up such an awesome way to get a tattoo. You can check out the couples blog here. Their names are Amanda and Brian and they are both extremely talented and incredibly sweet and loving people. 

Here are a few pictures. My friend Amanda got a tattoo as well (I know so many Amanda's!)

My tattoo says boundless, meaning I have no limits on my life. I am not bound to this world, and the fears and doubts that go along with it, but I have a freedom in Christ making anything possible. It is to remind me daily that I am a boundless women and I don't have to let fear and insecurity control my life. 

Love you all

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