Friday, June 10, 2011

The first few weeks of Summer

It's been ages since I've blogged but I really have no excuse anymore. I am done and finished with my crazy schedule of 19 credits, and live has slowed down this week to where I don't feel like I'm in the middle of chaos anymore.

I enjoy telling stories and sharing more of who I am and what goes on in my life so I thought I would share with you all what has happened the first few weeks of summer. My first week I enjoyed a lovely trip up to DC with my boyfriend to visit my dad and brother. It was great to see my family, to spend my first week of summer away from Jacksonville where I had busted my butt off that semester. We spent our time sight-seeing and trying to find hidden gems to go eat at. Somehow I had consumed four burgers by the end of the week! I guess my cravings had kicked in after being a vegetarian for five months. We rapped up our week when the chaos began to happen.

On our way home we decided we would drive through charlotte, SC so we could stop at Ikea. It was Dustin's first time wandering through the land of cheap furniture and three (maybe four) hours later we made our way out of the store and back onto the road. Time went on and we were about three hours from home. Just about to pass over the South Carolina boarder into Georgia when the one thing no one wants to see behind them happened. The dreaded police lights began flashing, a panic came across both of our faces as we took a few deep breathes and hoped that they would give us a warning and let us on our way. Well it turns out that Dustin had a suspended license for a ticket he had payed a couple of days late. I guess what had happened was that when he went to pay it, they had told him he would not have to reinstate his license because it wasn't that late, but of course he did. So to try to make a long story short they arrested him, took him to jail and I had to bail him out the next morning. I had to stay in the worst hotel imaginable (bug invested and everything) and this will be a story we will forever share with our families.

Life began to change and Dustin had hit his final straw. God had been working with him these last few months how his life was about to change, which he thought would be a better job... but God always has something different in store for us. Dustin had made the decision to sell everything, including his car. Pay off his debts and fully dedicate his life and rely on God for everything. Within a week his whole life had changed, he had sold his car, following God in every way. His family did not have his back and to put it simply making it very difficult to follow God's calling, but he made it and God calmed the seas. He showed him the benefit of following him through everything.

This is were I get emotional and so proud of him. God has placed a very special man in my life, he has respected me and loved me through everything. His heart is on fire for the Lord, and his kindness is so attractive to everyone. He's one of those people that no one minds being around and watching his obedience to the Lord is such a wonderful sight to see. After the chaos had settled, the car was sold, his family had calmed down, we were at church sunday. It was beach baptism that day at he asked if anyone wanted to get baptized at the end of the service. I looked over at him and he looked over at me, and we just knew that this was the day he would get baptized. Such a joyous day! I watched the love of my life proclaim his faith in front of a crowded beach. These were some of the pictures from it.

I will try my hardest to blog more this summer! I love you all


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